*SCHEDULE UPDATE*: Due to inclement weather, there have been many changes to the remaining schedule for the 2015 US Youth Soccer Region III Presidents Cup. Please see this spreadsheet for the latest schedule of games. Thank you for your patience.





Region III President’s Cup Update: 6/12/2015
With the safety of the players and referees as the top priority, the conditions of all available grass fields preclude further game play.
The remainder of the prelim rounds and semis will be completed by kicks from the mark on the two available turf fields in Lafayette.
The tournament committee acknowledges that this is not the preferred way to determine champions, but all champions must be determined by Sunday afternoon. We sincerely regret that we have to take these measures.
Please see the following schedule. Teams MUST be present 30 minutes before their scheduled kick time to check in with referees. Please bring your player passes with you. DO NOT BE LATE, there will be no grace period. Teams that are late will be marked as no shows and a forfeit will be declared. 
A further update for Sunday play will be posted as soon as as it can be finalized. We expect all games to be completed by 2pm.
Below are the addresses for the two playing locations for Saturday.
Teurlings Catholic High School
148 Edna Street
Lafayette, LA 70501
Clark Field
Park Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70507