Welcome to the 2016 Fall MRL U14-U15 Girls

 The mission of the Midwest Regional League (MRL) is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players.

Abbreviations of Division Names:
"Prem I Div" = Premier I Division

"Prem II Div" = Premier II Division
"PQ Div West Blue" = Premier Qualification Division West Blue
"PQ Div West Red" = Premier Qualification Division Red
"PQ Div East Blue" = Premier Qualification Division East Blue
"PQ Div East Red" = Premier Qualification Division East Red

"First Blue" = First Division Blue

"First Red" = First Division Red

"First White" = First Division White

"First Green" = First Division Green
"First West Blue" = First Division West Blue
"First West Red" = First Division West Red
"First West White" = First Division West White
"First East Blue" = First Division East Blue 
"First East Red" = First Division East Red
"First East White" = First Division East White
"Qualifier" = Qualifier Division


NOTE: Times and field numbers are subject to change due to field conditions/availability, weather conditions or referee availability. Be sure to check schedules for latest updates.

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Girls Teams