Adding Team Information

I log-in and don't see where to add my team information. I know my username/password. Send us a quick email at support@usyouthsoccer.org and we'll make sure your account is set as a Team Manager account and get you on your way to setting up your team. 

Confirmation Emails

I recieved an email to confirm my place in an event.  What do I do?  Click the 'schedule' icon and  then use the 'pencil' icon to provide your hotel information and the 'roster' icon to confirm your event roster. Once you've set up your event information and event roster you can click to confirm for the event. Click here for detailed instructions


Event Roster

How do I add players to my event roster? First, make sure you've set up your player pool. Once you've done that, click the 'schedule' link to see your events. Click the 'roster' icon to see your roster for that event. Next, select add/remove players or add full roster. The players that you want at the event, move from the team roster to the event roster and click save. Click here for detailed instructions


Team Web page

My team name does not link to a team page in the schedule. The individual in charge of the team account will need to login to change this setting. Click the 'pencil icon next to your team name. On the second tab, labeled 'Coaching Staff Information' there will be two dropdowns on the very bottom. Select 'Yes' for approving your roster for the web page.


Season Rollover

Each season, be sure to update your team to the new age group for the season.


If you registered multiple teams last year, be sure to only rollover the team needed for the new season. 


You can rollover your teams to the new season by clicking the blue arrow next to your team name and then updating your team information.